About  us

About us

Inspiring healthy and sustainable food choices and agrifood careers.

Providing tried and tested food education learning materials to teachers and schools across Europe.

About FoodEducators

FoodEducators programme was launched by EIT Food in 2022 under the name of „Youth Mission”. Work has started with needs assessment and the creation of two teacher handbooks full of ready-to-use resources to be used in the classroom. The handbooks were piloted in five countries in 2022 including Cyprus, Czech Republic, Israel, Hungary, and Spain, reaching 382 teachers; and 39,354 students. In 2023, we changed our handbooks into individually downloadable, online lesson plans and this website was created. In 2023 our lesson plans arrived to Poland, the UK and Turkey and in 2024, through EIT Food's RIS HUBs, we are reaching educators and students in more than 10 European countries.

Our Impact in Numbers

Please download and read our Action Reports here by year:

Action Report 2022

Action Report 2023

Meet the team

FoodEducators is represented in many European countries (and even beyond) through our national HUBs and partners. Contact your national coordinator here if you have any questions regarding implementation of the lesson plans in your school or getting certified.

If your country is not represented yet, feel free to contact the central team!

Meet the team


Fabienne Ruault
Fabienne Ruault FoodEducators Lead EIT Food Public Engagement Programme Manager fabienne.ruault@eitfood.eu
Viktoria Soos
Viktoria Soos FoodEducators Communication Lead Communications expert viktoria.soos@eitfood.eu
Dr. Keren Dalyot
Dr. Keren Dalyot FoodEducators Implementation Lead Developer, Implementer, and Researcher in Science Education keren.dalyot@eitfood.eu
Laszlo Jaczenko
Laszlo Jaczenko Communication and Marketing Expert ClimateSmart Elephant
Maria João Soares
Maria João Soares Junior Marketing Manager of Education Services EIT Food
Katarzyna Woźnicka
Katarzyna Woźnicka Public Insight and Engagement Programme Manager EIT Food CLC North-East katarzyna.woznicka@eitfood.eu
Marianne Lemberger
Marianne Lemberger Programme Manager - Back to school project EIT Food
Emma Berthaud
Emma Berthaud Graphic Designer FoodUnfolded / FoodEducators

Teachers' Board

Carmelo Zamora Parrado
Carmelo Zamora Parrado Educator and Sustainability Lead REAL School Budapest Hungary, Spain
Javier Redondas
Javier Redondas Teacher of Technology IES de Candás, Spain
Alexia Milutin
Alexia Milutin Economics and ICT Teacher European School of Brussels II, Belgium
Graça Maria Marecos Delicado
Graça Maria Marecos Delicado Teacher Agrupamento de Escolas da Bemposta-Portimão, Portugal
Ana Belén Yuste Martínez
Ana Belén Yuste Martínez Biology Teacher I.E.S. Consaburum, Spain
Natalie Taylor
Natalie Taylor Teacher of Humanities Los Olivos Secondary School Spain, UK
Nicoleta Livia Barbu
Nicoleta Livia Barbu Preschool Teacher Gradinita cu program prelungit EDEN, Craiova, Romania
Angeliki Liapi
Angeliki Liapi Kindergarten Teacher 2nd Kindergarten of Lykovrysis, Greece
Natalija Budinski
Natalija Budinski Teacher of Mathematics Petro Kuzmjak School, Serbia
Vittoria Maschietto
Vittoria Maschietto Teacher of Humanities Professional Hotelier High School, Italy


Elena Santa Cruz
Elena Santa Cruz Consumer Researcher AZTI- Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA)
Özge Dinç
Özge Dinç Nutrition and Scientific Communication Executive Sabri Ülker Foundation
Özlem Üliç Çatar
Özlem Üliç Çatar Project Manager Sabri Ülker Foundation
Carl Edwards
Carl Edwards Director, Education and Public Engagement Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF)
Tabitha Salisbury
Tabitha Salisbury Education Programme and Development Manager Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF)
Philip Adams
Philip Adams Education Manager Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF)
Eliska Selinger
Eliska Selinger Nutritional specialist
Iwona Kieda
Iwona Kieda Senior Project Manager/Public Relations Specialist Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IAR&FR PAS)
Justyna Banasiak
Justyna Banasiak Project Manager Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IAR&FR PAS)
Joanna Fotschki
Joanna Fotschki Assistant Professor, Department of Immunology and Food Microbiology Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IAR&FR PAS)
Vivien Bodereau
Vivien Bodereau Net Zero Food System Mission Lead EIT Food
Maria Neocleous Maliotou
Maria Neocleous Maliotou Food Scientist & Food Educator
Bent Egberg Mikkelsen
Bent Egberg Mikkelsen Professor University of Copenhagen
Agenția Metropolitană Brașov AZTI Building Global Innovators Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia Climate Smart Elephant Democritus University of Thrace Grupo An Higher Education Institution Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre Leaf Pannon Pro Innovations Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn Slovak university of Agriculture in Nitra Smion TechnionIIT University of Bari Aldo Moro University of Chemistry and Technology Prague University of Economics - Varna Yaşar University