About us

Igniting a passion for healthy and sustainable food choices and agrifood careers.

Providing tried and tested food education learning materials to teachers and schools across Europe.

About FoodEducators

FoodEducators programme was launched by EIT-Food in 2022. It has started with needs assessment and two teacher handbooks full of ready-to-use resources to be used in the classroom. The handbooks focus on schoolchildren aged 9-14 years old and students aged 14-18 years old, respectively. The materials include topics such as healthy eating, food science and science communication, sustainability, agrifood careers, and regenerative agriculture. The handbooks were piloted in five countries in 2022 including Cyprus, Czech Republic, Israel, Hungary, and Spain, reaching 382 teachers; and 39,354 students!

The most selected lesson plans by teachers were revolving around food and foodscape maps, food waste and food loss, understanding food labels, and agrifood careers. The lesson plans incorporate diverse learning experiences. Teachers commented that they appreciated this variety of methods and pedagogies. 93% of teachers thought their students enjoyed the classes and 80% reported that most of their class actively participated.

Our Impact in 2022

Food Educators reached 382 teachers and 39,354 students in 2022 through a variety of interactive and engaging activities. Explore our impact in 2022 by reading our Action Report and be part of our success in 2023 and beyond!

Read our Action Report!

Meet the team

FoodEducators is represented in a number of European countries (and even beyond). Contact your national coordinator if you have any questions regarding national implementation or becoming a member school.

If your country is not represented yet, feel free to contact the central team!

Meet the team


Fabienne Ruault
FoodEducators Lead Fabienne Ruault EIT Food Public Engagement Programme Manager fabienne.ruault@eitfood.eu
Viktoria Soos
FoodEducators Communication Lead Viktoria Soos Communications expert viktoria.soos@eitfood.eu
Dr. Keren Dalyot
FoodEducators Implementation Lead Dr. Keren Dalyot Developer, Implementer, and Researcher in Science Education keren.dalyot@eitfood.eu
Maria João Soares
Junior Marketing Manager of Education Services Maria João Soares EIT Food


Elena Santa Cruz
Consumer Researcher Elena Santa Cruz AZTI- Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA)
Özge Dinç
Nutrition and Scientific Communication Executive Özge Dinç Sabri Ülker Foundation
Özlem Üliç Çatar
Project Manager Özlem Üliç Çatar Sabri Ülker Foundation
Carl Edwards
Director, Education and Public Engagement Carl Edwards Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF)
Tabitha Salisbury
Education Programme and Development Manager Tabitha Salisbury Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF)
Philip Adams
Education Manager Philip Adams Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF)
Eliska Selinger
Nutritional specialist Eliska Selinger
Iwona Kieda
Senior Project Manager/Public Relations Specialist Iwona Kieda Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IAR&FR PAS)
Justyna Banasiak
Project Manager Justyna Banasiak Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IAR&FR PAS)
Joanna Fotschki
Assistant Professor, Department of Immunology and Food Microbiology Joanna Fotschki Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IAR&FR PAS)
Vivien Bodereau
Net Zero Food System Mission Lead Vivien Bodereau EIT Food
Laszlo Jaczenko
Communication and Marketing Expert Laszlo Jaczenko ClimateSmart Elephant
Maria Neocleous Maliotou
Food Scientist & Food Educator Maria Neocleous Maliotou
Bent Egberg Mikkelsen
Professor Bent Egberg Mikkelsen University of Copenhagen

The following organisations have contributed to our lesson plans:

AZTI Climate Smart Elephant Grupo An Leaf Pas TechnionIIT